Thursday, November 30, 2006

What can we do, nothing is in our hands anymore...

My Sisters love Charanpreet and I so much they want to make sure I know the rules...

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Subject: Interesting Read

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Hey guys,

I came across this on the following website. Although these are directed at Sikh husbands for the most part, they can and do apply to both husband and wife. :)

I thought you guys would like it, even though you seem to be doing most of it already, its nice to see what type of tips gursikhs put out there. :)

Love you guys!!

- Rimmi

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

1. Respect the opinion of your wife and show you are listening and value her suggestions.
2. Don’t be moody. Your tone and attitude matter sometimes more than the words.
3. Smile. You don’t need a reason, just smile.
4. Avoid anger and avoid speaking roughly or rudely.
5. Give surprises and gifts.
6. Love is broken with harsh words and strengthened by sweet ones.
7. Pay compliments to your wife. Express your appreciation to her.
8. Break the routine every once in a while.
9. Do amrit-vela as well as nitnem or sehaj paath or some bani together everyday. Guaranteed that reading bani together will make your love stronger.
10. Help in the house.
11. Pay attention in raising the children. It is your responsibility too.
12. Don’t leave the small problems unsolved or ignored. They will grow otherwise.
13. Eat meals together.
14. Keep her informed about your plans. Consult her on major decisions (personal and family). Do not surprise her on these matters
15. Don’t walk away and leave home during arguments. Try to resolve the issue before ending the day.
16. Do not resort to silence when unhappy.
17. Don’t dwell on past mistakes or fights. Forgive and forget.
18. Never threaten divorce or separation. Never say you regret having entered the marriage.
19. Don’t admonish and criticise your wife in public. Don’t tolerate or participate in her insult (joking or otherwise).
20. In front of her family and friends, show her respect and show you value her.
21. Don’t reveal your marriage’s or your wife’s secrets and private details to anyone.
22. Say Fateh to your wife when you greet her upon coming home or meeting her in general. Remember that she is also a Gursikh and deserves the respect associated with that position.
23. Walk on the path of Sikhi together. This means, seva, sangat, simran, kirtan, yatra (this last one is often neglected but is a very good exercise in building marriage relationships).
24. Don’t be inflexible. Look for compromise.
25. Understand you are not always right. Be willing to apologise.
26. Physically be delicate with her. Do not be physically aggressive or imposing.
27. Respect your wife’s family and encourage her to do the same.
28. Show that you are interested in what she is interested in (hobbies, pass times, etc.)
29. Don’t seek marital advice openly. If you wish to have advice, take it only from someone you trust, and is capable of advising properly.
30. Show concern for her health and do not ever put it at risk.
31. Be there for her during difficult times and be sure she knows you are there to listen to her.
32. Share your own feelings with her regularly.
33. Be delicate when dealing with her weaknesses. Do not press the issue.
34. Have good intentions in your heart for your wife. Wish the best for her because her success is yours as well.
35. Speak politely and show courtesy to your wife. Open doors, help carry heavy objects, arrange for her to sit or rest when she is tired.
36. If your wife says or does something minor that you did not like, ignore it.
37. During pregnancy and during her menstruation period, be sure to be even more considerate and patient than usual.
38. Never try to impose upon her how great you are due to your education or job, etc. Do not belittle her level of education or job.
39. Don’t say or try to show that your earning income or bringing food is a favour to her. Recognise that only God is the giver.
40. Never betray your wife’s trust through words or deeds. All other women are mothers, sisters or daughters.
41. Don’t give her the opportunity to think that your love or regard for her is any less than her love and regard for you.


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh


I just read it today, wow its so true. This is what we think we need to do to have a happy marriage. But somehow, these things all happened automaticaly when we gave Guru Ji our heads. Waheguru! How blessed is our Beloved Saint Guru, Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj Ji.

It such a good reminder when we have our off days, but so much of it has been put into our heads and our maanh's by Guru Ji. I never thought of these things as what I would do in a marriage. Then Guru Ji blessed me even though I never listened before. Such forgiving nature is that of our Guru.

Dhan Guru Nanak

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Aoukhee Gharree Na Dhaekhan Dhaeee

Aoukhee Gharree Na Dhaekhan Dhaeee Apanaa Biradh Samaalae ||

Dhan Guru Nanak..

I guess I write from time to time, but I wanted to share something today. A thought or feeling came over me...

Sevaks... those who do seva as a part of the expression of love for God and his creation, are no different from God himself. That is where you see the spirit of the universe in motion in all its glory.

Now what happens when that sevak doesnt have, who is going to come to his or her aid? Who does that person look to for help? They desire no mortal or count on any man for his support.

This is why it hurts so much to Akaal Purakh when they are hurting. He is their only support, He is their only grace, and He is their only Everything.

I saw first hand how God feels when his sevak is without something. It hurt my heart and made me feel empty. My eyes couldnt bear it. I was helpless but I know that He is nowhere near as such.

I realized those people are never realy without anything. They have the grace of God surrounding their body and will go with honors to the Court of the Lord. This is their true desire, a oneness with the Divine. I long to see their feet, I want to touch their feet, I love to kiss the dust of their feet.

Dhan Guru Nanak.... Dhan Guru Nanak.... Dhan Guru Nanak

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Funk Soul Brother

Okay, Just soul brother...

His name, Prabhu Singh Khalsa...

Here he is doing a Sukhmani Sahib in Washington DC. This is how it feels like we are related from our past...

Charanpreet Kaur always comments on how happy I get when I talk to Prabhu Singh and shes worried that I might come down in December for our wedding only to see him, Waheguru. At least Ill definetly be there Charanpreet. Muah, love you Charanpreet Kaur. You are my soul ji, you are my soul.

THis is a portion of a email Prabhu Singh sent me...

I can't wait until everybody moves to Española and then I don't have to fly all over the creation to see everybody. You know you want to :-) Everybody's doing it. Raj Karega Khalsa, we say it and mean it here - lol. Also I'll build a palace in due time and everybody can stay together. We can farm together and hang out at my future ranch in the mountains, and enjoy rural life without natural disasters, without pollution, with the greatest views, and perfect weather in 4 distinct seasons, we can ski and snowboard in the winter time in the Rocky Mountains, and we can wear the Khalsa bana while doing it all! Of course with the sangat and our sadhana, inner peace, enlightenment, and gyan will almost be a given! If what the Siri Singh Sahib predicted comes true, you're going to want to be here with a comfortable space before the thousands of people crowd the streets just to see us. Anyway, a man can dream.
Back to the original purpose of this email, my itenerary:

I hope I get the kirpa to make it out there one day... so many blessed places. New Mexico is tops right now in my book.

Knowing the future it doest matter anyway, Guru jis got it.

Another little tidbit... Charanpreet and I were on the phone when I went to NYCs famous Junior's restaraunt for their reknown cheesecake. I was gonna get two, one to cut for my birthday, Dhan Guru Nanak, and one for the family with cake (eggs). THen I found out that they all have eggs in them, so I only got the one for the family

I remembered Yogi Ji telling the story of a starving man that was traveling down the road. Then another man offered him food, so that he could survive. The starving man said no thank you. He didnt want to give up all of his kammae at his last hour by eating the meat that was being offered to him. He chose to die a saintly death, having kept his devotion and rehat alive. Waheguru

I could have not asked and left it alone, happily pleading ignorance. But I didnt and I was a little dissapointed that none of their cakes are made without eggs.
But then I felt like I was blessed. God never says no, just be patient...theres something better waiting.

So... then I go home and realize the next day that my mom had made me a spectacular chocolate ganash mocha mouse cake. And yeah, eggless too. Waheguru... take a loook at this baby...

Thanks again Waheguru Ji.... Cant say it enough,

Jo tis bhavai soi changa, Ik Nanak ki Ardasay

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahguru Ji Ki Fateh

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Guru Nanak

Today is a beautiful day Waheguru. This day in 1979, I got his grace to come back to this earthly plane once again. I came was kicking and screaming and longed wholeheartedly to go back. Mom remembers me as being generally healthy but had a time holding down milk for the first 6 months. Since though, its been an amazing ride with Waheguru and Guru on my side. I owe everything to the heavens spiritual planes. Without that I would lose it all.

On this day the Lord gave you life,
May you use it to serve him.
Our loving prayers will be with you,
May you never forget him.

We did this chant at solstice this year and how true and heartfelt it can be. What else is there, all I want to do is remeber the divine and serve. Remember and serve.

I got this from our Guru this morning...

Page 546

ami-a sarovaro pee-o har har naamaa raam.
Drink in the Ambrosial Nectar from the pool of the Lord; chant the Name of the Lord, Har, Har.

santeh sang milai jap pooran kaamaa raam.
In the Society of the Saints, one meets the Lord; meditating on Him, one's affairs are resolved.

sabh kaam pooran dukh bideeran har nimakh manhu na beesrai.
God is the One who accomplishes everything; He is the Dispeller of pain. Never forget Him from your mind, even for an instant.

aanand an-din sadaa saachaa sarab gun jagdeesrai.
He is blissful, night and day; He is forever True. All Glories are contained in the Lord in the Universe.

agnat ooch apaar thaakur agam jaa ko Dhaamaa.
Incalculable, lofty and infinite is the Lord and Master. Unapproachable is His home.

binvant naanak mayree ichh pooran milay sareerang raamaa. ||3||
Prays Nanak, my desires are fulfilled; I have met the Lord, the Greatest Lover. ||3||

ka-ee kotik jag falaa sun gaavanhaaray raam.
The fruits of many millions of charitable feasts come to those who listen to and sing the Lord's Praise.

har har naam japat kul saglay taaray raam.
Chanting the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, all one's generations are carried across.

har naam japat sohant paraanee taa kee mahimaa kit ganaa.
Chanting the Name of the Lord, one is beautified; what Praises of His can I chant?

har bisar naahee paraan pi-aaray chitvant darsan sad manaa.
I shall never forget the Lord; He is the Beloved of my soul. My mind constantly yearns for the Blessed Vision of His Darshan.

subh divas aa-ay geh kanth laa-ay parabh ooch agam apaaray.
Auspicious is that day, when God, the lofty, inaccessible and infinite, hugs me close in His embrace.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hum Naye Changai...

Waheguru Maharaj has brought blessings upon blessings through our Guru.

Today at Gurudwara I learned a lot. Doing jora the seva I was so humbled thinking of Guru Ram Das's shabad...

I am not beautiful, and I am not born to a high caste,
And my way of life is never right.
How can I dare speak in Thy presence
When I am without virtue and have not repeated Thy name?
I am a sinner, yet I am saved by the Guru;
This is the True Guru's kindness

I was crying and doing seva remembering this shabad... then I looked over my shoulder and felt a presence. I kept going and tucking my head into the sides of my arms, not to wipe my tears, but because Im not worthy to even look at such a presence. I kept going but I couldnt look up, my eyes were wet as if I had been told something so suprising and in disbelief I kept going with my task even though I coulndt control the emotions with what was said. As I walked back through the Divan Hall to go downstairs I looked over at Guru Maharaj but couldnt help the tears again. I couldnt raise my head and stop the tears from falling. My body tensed up to fight the emotion from over coming me.

Guru Nanaks words over coming my minds thoughts...

Thou art the sovereign Ruler
And I call Thee King-
But how can this address Thy greatness?
As Thou grantest me the grace, so do I speak of Thee.
Otherwise, I am ignorant and am unable to express anything.

I couldnt look up Waheguru, there was just too much light, Im not worthy to let my eyes behold such greatness of Akaal Purakh in physical form.

Waheguru, Im just a stupid ignorant child. I know not the way of God, but I have a big desire to serve you. Only you can save this soul by leading it to you... only you can save this soul

Dhan Dhan Guru Ram Das Rakho Sarnayee

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The day is coming....

Dharam Raj will throughly disgrace him in the end who has not served the Guru and God. He is constantly searching for ways to get ahead in life, taking from this, taking from that. He is busy filling his houses with things that dont serve him and all the time God is watching. Where will you be when the call comes and Dharam Raj comes to take you?

What kamae have you done? Who is you Guru? Who did you serve? Who did you hurt? Who did you slander? What bhagti have you done?

What are you answers to these questions?

I spent the day witnessing a firm cut its staff by 20 percent. I was standing next to Dharam Raj. He is an older executive for the firm who was standing by me. He's totally innocent but he has a little blackberry in his pocket. "Upstairs" sends his him a message and then he goes to the person, taps them on the shoulder and tells them to go upstairs for a talk. No one came back from those talks. He's the grim reaper, and serves a greater power. He's just a messenger, but one that we may have to face.

I knew this was going on and then but didnt really notice at how quick and simple the whole process was. Then I saw it. The exec was joking around with us as he was interupted by a vibrating message in his top inner pocket. Another name was sent down. He looked at and began to walk in the direction of the next unsuspecting soul.

We all carry on our lives everyday in our same routine. We dont acknowledge that someone upstairs is watching us. We joyfully make jokes, eat, sleep...all normal things. But when that call comes it catches us. This poor soul got a little tap on his shoulder and when he looked around he saw who was standing there. He knew what it meant but he could not believe it was happening. He could not believe it was him. Emotions of disbelief, regret, disdain, dispair running through him. He had no idea this was comin and he had no clue what upstairs is thinking.

That was the sadest part of all... catching people with no warning in a total state of suprise. And depending on how you answered those questions above, the reaction you will have either hurts and saddens or englightens and inspires.

Some of us longingly await the call from Waheguru. Some wait and wait serving his creation with no need for reward. Some remember the One through every situation and accept all as his will. Some blessed souls take to the sarnaye of the Guru. What will these peoples reaction be when God sends the call for them. Guru Nanak himself will carry that soul. Your life will be of value in Gods court. You may have been beat up and hurt your whole life. But you had faith and kept up all the time. God carried you through and you thanked him everytime. That soul is one with the creator and God himself will take that soul. Guru Nanak will come for that soul.

Blessed blessed is that soul who thinks eats sleeps Waheguru

Guru Ram Das Rakho Sarnaye

Thursday, September 28, 2006

What happened?

Waheguru jio

Its tough man, sometimes it gets really tough. Ive been working on Wall Street now for 5 years, Dhan Guru Nanak, and my company is cutting people. Due to the highly specialized nature of our jobs, we have not been able to cultivate many skills marketable in other proffesions. Waheguru, it hurts to see people with mortgages, young kids in schools, payments and bills facing the possibility of not having a job. I have a lot of praying to do while im still around, and I need some help on this one. I feel like its way beyond me.

I know these changes were due for a long time because a lot of people were just out of control with their vices, but it still hurts to see people with the wind knocked out of them, sort of emptily continuing to do their jobs, facing the possibility of no livelihood in the future.

Waheguru your gonna have to do this one on your own Ji. Ill try my best to laugh and spread your love when you want me to, but im gonna have faith that you are gonna take care of these people. I know some of these people have bad karma Waheguru Ji or have some lessons to learn. But you and I, Waheguru we're close right? Please take care of them Ji... some of these people have made me laugh, inspired me, loved me... please take care of them Ji.

I know the path we have chosen may not always be clear, and that sometimes we make the wrong choices. I feel this is an opportunity to step back and maybe look at other paths that we missed or didnt choose. Its just so hard to step back cos we love to hang on to where we are. Sometimes people dont like to move forward either cos we get so comfortable. Waheguru help us with our fears, let us feel your light Waheguru... on our faces radiating your warmth. Waheguru help us find our paths, let your wind gently carry us in the direction of your will Waheguru.

This is my humble prayer to you Waheguru...

Guru Ram Das Rakho Sarnaye

Monday, September 25, 2006

Warrior Saints

Waheguru ji..
I came into work today as normal and then a went to the bathroom. The stock I usually clerk for is Altria Group, and it looked normal in the morning, no big suprises, etc. Then when I came back it was trading down a lot, bad news was out. This is a major dow jones stock so I could feel a big situation developing. My boss Stevie came in and he was all business. That usually shakes me a little. I knew there was a funny interesting sensation that was with me in the morning while doing paath. It felt like something was with me, especially looking back now I definetly know there was some blessing with me. Waheguru...

So when a situation like this develops the media are all over it, and my boss was consequently all over CNBC and other networks while we were working. My supervisors asked Stevie if he wanted another, in their eyes, "more able clerk" to trade the stock with him. He had no hesitation and denied them, he wanted to do it with me.
Dhan Guru Nanak... now im in paath mode, full steam.
Gobinday, Mukanday, Udaaray, Apparay, Harrehung, Karreung, Nrinammay, Akaamay

So I cant believe what was going on, it was in the moment, and the Grace from God carried me, just carried me. I performed well above expectations, well above anything to be expected.
I was so blessed, the other clerks around me were taking care of me.
We usually order lunch out and I heard them decideing on wether to get me the veggie wrap or the burger. A couple of guys stood out and said, "he's vegeterian, make sure they put no meat" . Then my manager was so ready to serve me, he was like u know what, your getting both for lunch.
Waheguru... I dont deserve all this Waheguru. You are the one that did all this, not me Ji. All the glory is thine Waheguru...

So much attention, praise, jokes, directed to me... not mine Ji... all yours Waheguru.

Im learning Waheguru... your love sets us apart from everyone else. How else could people that have no idea what religion i am want to serve me? Its all your love, constant and infinite. Constant and infinite. Waheguru.

So Altria (NYSE:MO) ended up trading about 23million shares. And Baba Nanak sent his piarae to protect me and carry me... we did amazingly Ji. Thank you Waheguru...

I hope to tell our kids one day Charanpreet, that your dad gets a lot of love from above and is blessed to go to amazing places and do amazing things.

The spirit of the Warrior Sikhs is alive... be ready for anything, because they are.

Dhan Guru Nanak

Friday, September 22, 2006


Dhan Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji
Dhan Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Theri Vadiaye
Theri Vadiaye

How did ever get to have a job working on the New York Stock Exchange? Sometimes it passes me how much kirpa brought me there.
I saw an older Singh as I was crossing the road to Wall Street. He was just looking to cross as well and then I bumped into him and caught him by suprise. He was so happy to see another Singh pagh vala, Waheguru, his smile made my day. From the inside out. Waheguru. He asked me where I worked and I said I work on the New York Stock Exchange and he lit up even more, Waheguru ji..."oh thats good!". I know that he may not have the best job in the world, but somehow it hit a spot in his heart to know that Sikhi was alive and well, reaching such places were ultra elitests worked. Waheguru ji, he was so happy to see that Guru Nanak had reached such far far places. He made me realize how blessed I am to go to a place that has so much maya and darkness with this Sikhi saroop.
It is all things Kaljug rolled up into one place.. Greed, Ego, Lust, Anger, Attatchement... these things are rampant and easily seen. The will of the man made such a place, the will of God has sent blessed souls to help out those who want to let their light shine.

Im not Guru Nanak, but I can see him there too. He was the lotus of lotuses. Guru Nanak was one man against all odds, against all Kaljug, and all darkness. He sought and he conquered, not with weapons of harsh words feuled by hate, but love and attatchment to Waheguru.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji is there all the time, all around. Who am I? What did I do? Nobody. Nothing.

If you take yourself out of the way, then Guru will sit by you and come through you. If you attatch yourself to this worldliness then nothing but you and your finite self will come through. Full of your own personal biases from our experiences from birth, this jaman and previous.

The last few weeks have been amazing. Ive been blessed to be around such blessed souls. Souls that have been blessed with such material wealth and have realized that they dont have the peace. They still hunger for more, hunger for spiritual growth, hunger for God. Waheguru. At the end of the day, and you dont see this much at all... my boss, who is a managing director and partner in the firm gives me a hug. He usually gives me about 3 a day. And this is no low key thing, with every person looking on.
Waheguru waheguru its all your grace, all your grace. Such beautiful energizing hugs. Fills my being with such love...its truely my reward from God. Other guys have joined in too, giving so much love. I need no other payment. Its Guru Nanak giving me a hug. Waheguru... I sometimes forget to thank him, but I know theres nothing outside of his will and this poor being has no idea on how to praise the Lord.
I keep fooling myself into believing that I can, in the end I see its not me who can or cant.

I still am in awe of Guru Nanak who makes men who drive Porsches and wear Rolexs want to hug a man who pretends to rememeber the Lord.

Nanak says to the yogis in Sidh Gosht,
Destroying all sense of self, the true yogi is unattatched, With the truth enshrined within.
Out of the Absolute, by his own will, He became manifest;
Essentially Formless, He took many forms.

This God is all around everywhere, even with Kaljug blaring. I can still see the Guru, in the faces, in the faces, in the hugs. It draws some people closer, and others become envious and are lead away. This too is your vadiayaee Guru Nanak.

I dont know who I am, I dont know what to do, I dont know anything... yet somehow, by some amazing kirpa I am blessed to touch the feet of your servants waheguru.

Dhan Guru Nanak Theri Vadiayae
Dhan Guru Nanak Theri Vadiayae

Humbly trying to be your servant Guru ji...

Guru Arjun Dev Ji Sukhmani Sahib...
After wandering and wandering through many lives, O Lord, I have come and entered Thine sancturay.
This is Nanak's prayer, O Master that I may be attached to Thine devotional Service.


Thursday, September 14, 2006


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Dhan Guru Nanak Maharaj has taken to me many places and the opportunity to serve many people. I know I havent shared in a while, mostly because Guru ji is directing my energy to other things that occupy more of my time.

This is a bit more of un update on my life...

Charanpreet is my shining star and angel. Im so blessed by her, and glad that I have time till we get married to get use to seeing her bright light. I might fall if Guru ji didnt give me the time to prepare for that profound blessing. She is amazing and continues to suprise me every day... such kirpa has brought me to the charna of the Gursikhs of her Khalsa family.
I was going through a little difficulty realizing that the way the teach is different from the way I have come into Sikhi. I always was blessed with love, nurturing, experiences that had to be felt in the heart and then expounded upon.
Love knows no boundaries and surely is applied in many ways. As vast and infinite as is the universe is, as is the multitude of ways to love. I love God, but do I see God everywhere? He is surely everywhere, so how can I not love everyone and thing.
Such a duality does not occur in spirituality... There is only one God, Ik Onkaar.

Her Father, Dr. Balvir Singh Khalsa Ji is a great great Gurmukh. Such a rare and prized jewel of a soul, full of Guru's grace. Dhan Guru Nanak.
His way of teaching is a little different than I am use to... he's a saint and soldier, Sant Saphaiye. So I got a little detattatched due to my own fears and facing the reality of work I still need to do. But, Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak for the grace to see, this is the next course of growth in my life spiritually. I have been blessed not only with the wife of wifes, angel of angels... but also something I was asking for on another level... a teacher, a guide to bring me closer to my self, closer to the Guru and thus closer to the infinite.
Man this is gonna be some ride...hold on tight. Waheguru

Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak... Theri Vadiyaie

Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak... Theri Vadiyaie

Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak... Theri Vadiyaie

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Tribute to a Master

Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji- Yogi Bhajan
The Grandfather I never met... In humble grattitude for all you have done. The Guru led me to you to experience the The Guru even deeper than my limited mind allowed. And you led me on a journey, through Gurus grace, to serve all beings with the grace of God. You asked me to be 10 times greater, yet have taught me the technology to be 100 times greater. What else can I ask for, one day I'll thank you in person and Ill get that hug from you in person Yogi Ji.
Missing you Ji, Missing you
Guru Ram Das Rakho Sarnayye

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sagal duar ko chaad kai, gahe-o tuhaaro du-aar...

Ban-he gahay kee laaj as, gobind Daas du-aar

Leaving all other doors, I have clung to your door alone. O timeless Lord, preserve the honor of the one whose arm Thou hast grasped; I am Thy slave, O my Lord.

Waheguru, Dhan Waheguru....

Meet Elvira Arellano as she sits in a church in Chicago with her seven year old son. Waheguru has given her soooo much hardship. Brought her into the US, and now the feds want to deport her. She has no where to turn... no where. Waheguru is her only saviour. Shes in danger of beeing deported and risks leaving her son who is a American Citizen. She and her son could be broken up. Waheguru, take care of her, ill pray for her but I know shes out of my hands, shes blessed by you Waheguru. She has left all other doors and clung on to your door Waheguru.
Shes got no one looking after her but you Waheguru... and you have given her sanctuary in your house Waheguru. shes safe there for now. it brings me to tears that she has no one but God. And you have taken her and saved her in your sanctuary waheguru. Kept her in your Sarnayye. Even if she has to leave, the blessing will never leave, she will continue her fight for her family and other's famillies in danger of being broken by forced deportation.

Guru Ram Das...." Now I have come, exhausted, to my master. O Lord, I seek Thy protection, Save me or else destroy me."

Only you Waheguru can make us devoted to your service, only you Waheguru take us in to your lap and take care of our affairs.

Oh my beloved Lord, I pray with heart felt gratitude that you have given us the Darshan of the Guru who reveals to us your infinite wisdom. We no longer toil in our affairs, and seek to serve our planet and heal every person through the grace of the Guru.

Guru Ram Das Rakho Sarnayye

Dhan Waheguru
Dhan Waheguru
Dhan Waheguru

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Guru Guru Waheguru

All hail to our magnificant Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj ji...

Through its grace I live, I am alive, I serve.

The last couple of weeks have been amazing for me as an individual, ive been doing more paath than I ever had before. I was really connecting the Guru and with its grace, God. Such chardi kala happpenings have been going on my life, its with the connection with the Guru, he has taken my everywhere im supposed to go and saved me from going anywhere im not supposed. Its been amazing to be led into the sunsets to meet my beloved Guru every night.

So then...duhn duhn duhn Charanpreet came back from India. Her and I were so close before she left for India, talking nonstop, always on the phone. I became detatched from the rest of my world and I longed to be close to her. She was always my strength giving me encouraging advice, love and support. I looked to her in all my difficulties and all my joy. Then she left for India. My cell phone was lost in New Mexico and my internet went down. This was all the Gurus doing... Thank you waheguru.. My heart ached and hurt from missing her so much, there was a void inside me. My desire was filled by the Guru. I was talking to the Guru, he took my pain away. Shabad Hazzarae, Shabads of Guru Ram Das, Sukhmani Sahib... all the words, all the love of our Gurus was filling my mind, heart and soul. My hunger was quenched, the Guru was imparting the blessing of his darshan on me. I became attatched to his charna.

Charanpreet came back from India and I made myself distant from her because I wanted to continue this love affair with God through the Guru. It hurt her so much and she was confused as to what was happening. And I couldnt understand why I felt so close to the Guru and sometimes so far from everything else.
My guardian angels spoke to me... telling me its easy to reach God when you are alone doing your bhagti. Anyone can do that. Can you do it in the Drisht Jeevan? This is the highest Jeevan. Theres nothing closer to God.

Then I came home and asked Charanpreet how she was doing, and guess what? Some how it was revealed to me that she's doing like a ridiculous amount of paath, more than she ever did before India and taking Amrit. I was feeling chardi kala thinking that Im the golden child of the Guru (not really) but then Charanpreet is doing way more paath than me, like 21 japji sahibs, 2 sukhmani sahibs, shabad keertan, shabad hazzarae, aarti, and her regular nitnem. I was really humbled. And u know what? No one was telling her to do that, its all Wahegurus grace that had brought her to the Guru. Its all out of love, and it inspires my soul to be close to her.

I used to tell her to do this, do that, etc to help her get over her fears, issues and insecurities. All these different things to bring her closer to the Guru, to herself etc. And you know what? Most of what I said was a waste of time. The Guru is the Guru, and only he can lead you to him. His grace is his grace, he can send angels to bring you to him, take u places to get closer to him, all these miracles can only happen through the Guru. We can preach and advise as much as we want, but that hunger for truth can only be quenched by the grace of the Guru.
So now, here I am humbled at how chardi kala Charanpreet is... and so we do paath together. This is the kindness of the Guru. Dhan Guru Nanak, cos it was sooooo chardi kala doing paath together. We did soo much paath together and we didnt ever want to stop. One bani, Shabad Hazzarae we did one line in Gurmukhi and one line in English. Afte, we were both enlightened to such a high state with the Guru, we didnt know what to say, we couldnt stop smiling even though we were on the phone. Then we did Sukhmani Sahib it felt like we did it in 20minutes, its was soo beautiful and chardi kala. My heart opened up to the word of the Guru even more. More than I imagined...Wahegurus grace.
Charanpreet Kaur has taken me even closer to the Guru. Wah! I cant believe it, if someone would have told her or me that this would have happened, I wouldnt have believed it. I can see the light of the sun, moon, stars, Guru inside her. She has blessed by the Guru himself. And me, an ignorant stupid child has again been save by the true Gurus kindess. This is the Miracles of the Guru.
I feel like singing more and more all the time, I feel like i have found the secrets to the universe in my own home. Im beginning to understand the message of the Gurus. There is no cave thats going to take me to God if i do bhagti in it. Its in my own home, and its through the Gurus Grace. The Gurus Grace to me is Charanpreet Kaur. I am touching her feet with my forehead, I am so thankful to the Guru for blessing me like this...

This is a random shabad Charanpreet turned to in her Gutka while we were doing the paath together...

Koe Aan Milavai Mera Preetum Pyiara

I would make myslef a slave to the one can take me to meet my Beloved Lord.
When the lord is merciful, He makes me to meet with the True Guru
And I contemplate the Lords name, pause
O lord if it is thy will to grant me happiness I will ever meditate on thee,
And even in pain I will never forget thee.
If thou givest me hunger, I will feel satisfied,
And I will feel happiness if thou givest me sorrow.
This body and soul I break into little pieces,
And make them an offering to thee.
For thee I would burn this body in fire.
For thee I would wave fans and draw water,
And eat whatever thou givest to me.
Poor Nanak has fallen before thy gate,
O Lord, unite me with the that I may know thy glory.

And then after we hung up, I turned to the same shabad in my gutka...

Dhan Guru Ram Das! Heal the world!

Waheguru, So chardi kala... kindly attatch me to the Guru so that I may do your Bhagti...

Charanpreet, maaf karna if i embarassed you but I just want our kids to see how much you bless me, how you are the princess any prince could wish for. And yet you chose me, a low being void of any love and full of sins. How you turned this pauper into a sage, its all the through the Gurus grace. I cant believe how blessed I am, its all the Gurus grace Dhan Guru Nanak...

Tears of love

All my heart

All my soul

Yours forever Charanpreet

Yours forever Waheguru

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Here is the support you gain when you give the Guru your head... Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj Ji Waheguru Ji

Prabhu Singh said...

Much love brother!Your experiences are amazing. With white your aura is stronger, yet you are also more open in some ways. People think of saints when they see people wearing white and sometimes they look for a connection. It is like a balance, being more open, but also having the strength to handle it.Mandeep Singh Khalsa Ji, you really act fast (showing full courage and faith), when faced with difficulty! You jumped off a cliff and handled a snake with no hesitation, even though they were both new. You started wearing a white turban immediately to work. I figured you'd start with blue and then maybe try some other dark colors, but you went straight for white! That is going to stand out when you're on TV and really project such a beautiful Khalsa roop to the world.As a country boy I've done a lot of crazy things in my life, but I usually take time to work up to things. I really admire how you can just jump into things! Raj Karega Khalsa!
1:41 PM

Prabhu Singh Ji...

Your words made me cry. I am capable of doing nothing, and i do that pretty well. Dhan Guru Nanak, I cried because of the grace that was given. I could never in my dreams have done those things, never. I dont even want to tell any of my family or relatives about it. I like sharing it with my soul, its such an amazing gift to be carried in wahegurus hukam. What can I do, im just a poor little kid that has come crying into the house of Guru Nanak... and I cry even more cos he has taken me in. This is the greatness of our Guru. Every day he turns paupers into sages and saints. I am ever in love with the True Guru who reveals the Lord through the Name.
Prabhu Singh, you may never know how much your sangat effected me, but you do see a few of the physical things happen. The Guru sends me his angels as messengers, and then I jump. I dont hear it, but I see it and I feel it.
The snake tho... I just touched it a little, before however I couldn’t even be in the same room as one.
The jumping, that was the Shaheeds of Guru Gobind Singh Ji around all of us.
Waheguru, take me back to that place...absorbed in your name

Dhan Guru Nanak

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Wearing a white Turban has been amazing. Yes you do get a lot of stares from people in wonder, ignorance and whatever else. But I must say if you dont look around and you keep you center without spilling out, you never have to worry or feel what people are trying to send you. I cant believe how amazingly this works. It successfully deflects energy from coming to you. By making your radiance that much great, you aura filters out crap that you have no use for. Theres a lot of crap in the air, so this really helps me to stay connected to the Guru, to his Bani, to myself. Man im really enjoying this, I really recommend trying it to see how it goes. Some of you are more aware or less aware so results may vary. This is all Gurprasad so the support comes with that kirpa, I wonder if that is what Im feeling.

I met these two sisters, one girl was black and one was white. The white girl was adopted. Randomly happening as im paying for groceries at Whole Foods in Union Square NY. I wish I woulda had camera. One was a vegan, the other wasnt, they were totally opposites. They were asking me questions about my hair, religion etc... The white girl was like how long is it, and she knew I wasnt a muslim. The black girl, who didnt, was like, "shes the smart one". And then the white girl asked me if I get split ends in my hair, and then the black girl was like, "hold up smart girl, this is my territory" and began to explain how i probobaly had no clue what she was talking about. Book smarts vs street smarts. What a beautiful harmonious relationship. I told them they were probobaly sisters or connected closely in a past life. They kinda agreed, lol, kinda wondering when i was gonna leave, lol. Dhan Guru Nanak.

My white paagh also attracts positive enery! Man, when I got home I was soo happy thinking of such a blessing it is to wear it. Jo ve Waheguru dhe hukamm.

This is the style I wear to work. Bhupinder my younger cousin is sporting full black attire, rocking the shaheedi color. He is a saint now but one day he'll be a saint of the Guru...

I also remembered Prabhu Singh saying to me in DC that black is so plain, its like a hair color paagh. He also thinks its a way for punjabi Singhs to sort of fit in wearing the black. And you know what? All this time I was kidding myself thinking its more professional and matches my outfit, but really I was just conforming. Prabhu was right, and in more ways inspired me to follow my heart, follow my Guru...

Dhan Guru Pyiriae

Dhan Guru Nanak

Dhan Waheguru

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Work and Turbans

Today was a different day than most, as today I finally got the courage to wear a white turban to work. This was all wahegurus grace, and I was helped by my angels, Prabhu Singh Khalsa (New Mexico Vale) and Charanpreet Kaur Khalsa (my dear fiancee).
It wasnt easy cos of where I work. People are constantly making fun of each other, huge egos looking to inflate themselves even more all the time at others expense.
People also havent gotten higher educations, most came into the buisness right out of high school, so most arent too educated and cultured into the world. Over 3 quarters of my work place still thinks im a Muslim i think... dunno.
But I do know is that Wahegurus grace is soo close to me... I almost didnt sleep last nite cos I knew the Guru wanted me to wear the white and walk in there with the grace of a saint.
But I was still watchful to see peoples reactions...most didnt care or even notice, lol. I got comments like, oh so you decided to wash that thing huh? I use to wear black before. Then the guy next to me was like Yeaaaaaah! Mannyy! I like the white, it rocks. I thought that guy was gonna freak the most. I also thought my boss was going to be the most for it, and he was a little unresponsive, almost a little hiding his true emotions. Thats all good...
In this path of God the miracles and support come from places you least expect. If you decide to let the Guru guide you, the support will come, always has. But it will come in the form of miracles from places, people, angels unimaginable. Dhan Guru Nanak
Heres me in a white paagh....which i love wearing. It feels so light and containing my energy. It feels like it creates a protective layer, and I feel so saintly wearing it, simple radiant beautiful

So that was a blessing... when i got home Charanpreet was telling me that there were pictures of me for sale on the web, i knew the Guru had something to do with this and i thought, dhan Guru Nanak. lol... turns out that this photographer and his assistant started taking pictures of me as i was walking to my train after work one day last summer. i was on the phone someone and they just kept shooting. somehow, one of Charanpreets cousins, Niko, found the pictures on a website where they are for sale. who would pay that money for them, i dont know? but as the lord wills so do we act, miracles can
here are the links for anyone bold enough or interested

Waheguru works even when we dont see him or think of him... thats when he does 90percent of his work. we are busy thinking that we are the doers, but its never the case. waheguru is the doer. you never know what miracles he has in store for you until his kirpa reveals the perfect time...
dhan guru nanak
dhan waheguru

Monday, August 07, 2006

Baru Sahib

Dhan Guru Nanak...

Here is a nihung singh at Baru Sahib

Its a cool picture cos you can feel the power of what he is tapping into. The area is called Himachal Pardesh, and if you ask Charanpreet (my god sent fiancee), its "far far away". The nihungs in the truest form absolutely carry a spirit with them of Sikh Soldiers passed away. We have it close to... ready and able to help on call. Guru Gobind Singh Ji's Banis especially pave the way to connecting to that energy.

Baru Sahib is just amazing from what Charanpreet and her sisters tell me. I really want to go next year but it conflicts with Summer Solstice so im sort of in between about it. You know your blessed to have a choice of which closest to Sach Kand like place you want to go to in this world.

Here is a picture of the Santhia class in session. Charanpreet is going to be teaching me a whole lot when we get married. I cant wait, I want to experience the Guru on the next level...I cant believe I still havent learned to read Punjabi and Charanpreet is learning Santhia. She also started a Sahej Paath as well... how chardi kala...

Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak... love light blessings peace patience tolerance
Dhan Guru Nanak

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh

Saturday, July 22, 2006

My Baby

Sooo today was amazing, My fiancee called me to wake me up this morning, I dont think she intended to wake me up. This is a rare thing these days cos shes spending the summer at Baru Sahib in India. I miss her so much, shes become more and more of my connection to God. I think with Wahegurus blessing she plans to take amrit next week... how amazing is that? Dhan Guru Nanak
Over the year or so that Ive known her she has blossomed from some lows to being a saintly Khalsa, daughter princess of Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj. Waheguru.
Her path was much like mine, I was in the lows of desparity, attatched to falsehood and maya and then Guru Blessed me, took me in, let me read the Bani, woke me up from my slumber and showered me with blessings. Now I cant stop thinking of waheguru, in wonder...
Charanpreet, the other half of my soul is my God. I realize the Guru through her which takes me to God. I feel akaal purakh through her. Her strength, her wisdom, her nurturing, caring.. shes always a step ahead. She admires me for all my weakness and my strengths, she just wants to serve me on my path to fulfill my highest destiny to God. She supports me in all my crazy ideas and thoughts, and helps pick me up when I dont feel so Chardi Kala. She is the spirit of God in my life. I really worship her feet.
It took a long time to find this jewel, and man am I blessed. Ive said it so many times before, I couldnt have found a better person if I tried myself... only Waheguru could have done this. Somehow, at sometime I must have said to God to take care of it in some devotional felt ardaas and told him its not in my hands. Gave into his will...then I had to be patient. Very patient at times, it was tough. But you know what, God sent me an angel... If any of you get to meet her you'll be blessed too.

This picture was of me giving her the ring, I had suprised her after her birthday. I didnt make it to her birthday and she was sad about that, but the Guru was telling her not to worry, he had something better in store for her. Gods never says no, just says be patient I got something better lined up. I cant tell you how true that is...

My speech to her as I showed her the ring... It went a little like this, (Charanpreet, feel free to add/correct)...

"Charanpreet Kaur, I love you with all my heart with the Grace of the Guru. And if you want to take this journey with me to exploring and serving the 10 Gurus saroop, Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj Ji please spend the rest of your life with me and serving"

She just smiled and nodded.. like in the picture. Oh Waheguru she was soo happy... I was sooo nervous and then it was all done. Oh wait, I forgot to give her the ring, her mom was like, put the ring on her finger, lol. Then I got up and sat on the other side of the room, lol.. but then I got up and sat down next to her.

Guru Nanak bought her the ring too... that was amazing too. I didnt spend much, the timing of a tax refund and the angels leading me to the best jeweller was all his Grace... they must really love Charanpreet, well I love her a lot, so I can only imagine how much Waheguru and his servants love her.
Thank you've shown me again and again that its all in your hands

Jo tudh bhaavai so-ee changa ik Naanak kee ardaasay.
That which pleases Your Will is good; this alone is Nanak's prayer.

Dhan Guru Nanak...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Praying and Ice Cream

Waheguru Jio..

I spoke to Jack today after work for a moment, said thanks for the soup. And I told him I wasnt sure about the veggie burger I had for lunch cos it was a little tooo good... i know it wasnt meat but it might have been cooked on the same grill without being cleaned. And he said its okay, you do your best, which was cool.. I know in my heart somethings are not so true, and I wanna be more careful of what i put into my body.
THen he asked what I had in my hand, and I told him its a gotka and I helped him to say Sukhmani Sahib, he totally butchered it at first. I explained that it was the Prayer of Peace found in the Guru Granth Sahib, our living Guru.
Keep in mind these people are totally ignorant to Sikhs, Ill explain more about where I work later and the culture there.
So then... he pulls out of his top pocket a small pocket size bible! Dhan Waheguru. That made me smile. No wonder he sees something in me that he respects.

Now this can be gross or funny, or both. He said he does read from it, its not just something to carry around, but he reads it while he's in the bathroom. That made me smile, cos Jack is a big man, and he knows alot, i mean alot about food. People are always asking him what hes having for lunch. I think he eats at least 2 lunches a day, usually more. Thats how come he gave me a portabello mushroom soup. I smiled to myself that he reads in the bathroom, cos I feel like Waheguru is giving him more and more to eat all the time so he can spend more and more time reading from the bible... Waheguru works in mysterious ways guys...

As for me, I still eat lots of chocolate, somehow Guru Ji doesnt mind just yet... he keeps leading me to it. In most ways he's just making me happy giving me all things I desire, I love you Guru Ji

Funny thing happened the other night, I was on the roof of my building watching the sun set and I was just talking out loud, to myself, to Waheguru through the Gurus grace... and at the end of it I was like, you "know what Waheguru, is it okay if I have some ice cream, give me a sign and let me know if its okay" then i looked around and thought, how is this gonna happen....theres not much that can happen up here... 2 seconds later... i hear the ice cream truck coming closer... Dhan Guru Nanak

I was like, thanks Waheguru, love you... Gotta run get some ice cream. I love ice cream more every day for some reason, it just gets tastier and tastier

You know when something gets better and better all the time your on the right track, and thats an important sign for me... Im expecting a lot of changes in the future and I cant wait to share them with you all. you all being the 5 guys that read . laugh as you may, but thats the spirit of Guru Gobind Singh Ji

And im gonna get a camera soon so I can put up pictures and stuff...

Lots more to come, Im kinda holding back a little to leave some good stuff to come...

God does that and it annoys us sometimes, but it excites me, I know that Waheguru has amazing blessings to unfold for us in the future, so enjoy where you are now... you wont be there for long...
dont worry about the future, the Guru has got it, stop and smell the sweet roses, tell them how much you love them

Seriously guys...I hear the ice cream truck... I love you all with every beat of my heart, and I wish to someday wash your feet and thank the Guru for humbling me

See how ice cream can make you so chardi kala? Dhan Guru Nanak

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I am a Sikh of The Guru

Waheguru jio...

today was a special day, just like yesterday. i was really blessed today at work...

i was going into a break and someone was letting me out (filling in for my spot), and as i was doing so, this older colleague was swearing out loud, you son of a ba$t@3D he said out loud. as he turned and saw me with a slight cringe look on my face. then he stopped and then said, you know what, no, im sorry...i dont mean that.

then he goes to me, you know what manny you make me better. i just feel so... he was exlpaining with his hands. i knew what he was talking about... my appearance, my aura, my radiance, all of these given by the Guru is what he feels. It makes him see God and he stops going into his tantrum.
This is why Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj created a distinct Khalsa. Then Jack, thats his name, held on to my Kara and said I need one of these to remind me...
He was talking about his belonging to God.
So he has an awesome connection with God, as do we all... and he acknowledges it when he can. But like us all, we lose ourselfs in worldly attatchement and forget that this is all his play. we lose connection with the inner light of our souls, where waheguru resides and we operate through the layers that we want to show the world. that light gets soo buried and it seems dim at times, but the guruwards know how bright it is.
this guy is beautiful and when i came back from break he had a portobella mushroom soup waiting for me.
i was just amazed because Guru Gobind Singh had spoken to him without even saying a word. He heard him loud and clear. I was just at the right spot, representing the Khalsa, pure ones of Guru Gobind Singh and then Jack found his own light.

Dhan Siri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj Ji Waheguru Ji

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

waheguru naam jaahaj hai

im missing you waheguru... i hope i dont mess this chance up to be back with you for good waheguru.

ok so my last post was like months ago... my dear friend prabhu singh has sort of indirectly inspired me to read blogs of people especially gursikhs. now... somehow waheguru has pulled me back to this blog and i feel the desire to write here...

right now in my life i dont know whats going on, but im experiencing a deep and conscious connection to akaal purakh, his angels, his saints, his love. this has been going on since summer solstice.

i have so many things to share, i dont know where to start... all i want to do is serve my guru, all i want to do is serve you waheguru, im soo far behind waheguru. please save this paapi and take me under your wing waheguru.

i want to share so many things with you waheguru, what im seeing and doing, hoping to help someone somewhere. i dont care that some egos might get hurt and want to react and hurt me with their words or even more. waheguru i love you and i know you are all and everywhere. you only and only you will be my support through the gurus grace. dhan Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. What worries do I have now Waheguru? They are all yours, I enjoy this jeevan with the Grace of the Guru and I shall serve.

The theme of my life right now, today is spirituality. I have amazing things going on that through his grace I will share... Only his grace...

Till then all beings of light, I love you all... I wish to serve you all, I wish to touch the ground you walked on...Only by his grace will I be fulfilled...

Dhan Guru Nanak

Thursday, September 08, 2005

my first blog

how u doin, lets see how this goes...